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Management Trainee 2021

Kick-off your Achievement in 2-year Programme

Tesco Lotus Management Trainee Programme is a 2-year entrepreneurship development programme for postgraduates. Experience challenging environment where you can learn all-around rotation within your functions and build your own achievement in your early career.

We want to help our Management Trainees to grow their skills, reach their potential and feel inspired. We believe the most rewarding way for our Management Trainees to learn is through the responsibilities of real-life business experience which we will give them from day one as well as a supported self-led learning path that is personal to them. They can apply their knowledge, by being innovative, working collaboratively across the business, and being responsive to the business' needs. We want our Management Trainees to feel welcome so there's always a Programme Manager on hand to support them. We designed our programme to build them to become our ‘future leaders’.

Why start your journey with us?

Key Benefits

Access to executive

Access to highly experienced team from our CEO, Functional Director, to a dedicated people team that look after your journey. We want to get to know you well since day 1 and see how you grow throughout your career. You will also have a pre-scheduled mentoring session with the director of your function to ensure your learning is non-stop.


impactful project

Get full on opportunity to execute your 7-month project in each rotation with the challenge that will test your current potential. Challenge yourself to explore up to 3 assigned projects. The type of experience that would allow you to recognize your true gift and passion.

Be ready.

Be flexible

Be ready to adapt in any situation meeting people from different clusters. One day you would be spending your time working on their field learning from our customer at the store and another day making presentation to the board to drive your dream initiative.



Connect with your peer in the programme, senior leader, and also alumni of the programme. Enjoy our offsite activity that encourage you to find real friendship that would support you to grow professionally and personally.

Dive deep into Management Trainee's experience


"เราได้เป็นส่วนหนึ่งของบริษัทจริง ๆ มีคนเห็นและเคารพในไอเดียของเราในสิ่งที่เรานำเสนอ เราเองมีอำนาจในการตัดสินใจ


Journey of the programme

The details of the programme are subject to change.

SLT = Senior Leadership Team

  • Education: Master’s Degree in any fields of study

  • Experience: Less than 3 years

  • Emotional intelligence: Willing to explore any challenges and ready to trial fast, move fast & learn fast

  • Entrepreneurial mindset: Practice your business acumen in a dynamic environment

If your qualification is a fit to the job requirements, you will be contacted from our Resourcing team through your email.

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