Corporate Affairs

Make sure every single person who comes into contact with Tesco has a positive experience. This goes for colleagues, customers and communities as a whole. We believe that it’s no longer just price, quality and convenience that matter customers also want to know exactly what Tesco stands for, and how we have a positive impact on local communities. So we’re here to tell the Tesco story in a new more compelling and relevant way.


Corporate Communication

Community Support

Sustainability Development

Our Campaigns team recently managed Tesco Lotus’s presence at the national agriculture shows as part of our Local Sourcing campaign. Across communications, we have a number of teams who make sure that we are talking to our stakeholders at the right time, in the right way and covering the issues that matter most to them.

- Analyze data and information to develop key sustainability campaigns for example food donation, plastic recycle, etc.

- Engage other relevant departments to drive projects from all store formats.

- Plan and execute a communications campaign to promote awareness about food waste, using a variety of media.

- Plan and support the annual CEO’s press briefing.


  1. Project Management

  2. Communication

  3. Creativity

  4. Stakeholder Relationship

  5. Management

  6. Strategic Planning